PR professionals are crucial to informing journalists about sources or interviewees they may never have considered, head of Yahoo Finance UK Lianna Brinded explained at Cision’s latest media briefing.



Describing her relationship with comms professionals, she said that she understands that communicators have a tough role and so tries to give feedback on every pitch she receives, although this can sometimes be difficult due to the volume of emails received.

The pitches that worked best or resonated with her the most, she revealed, were the ones where communicators had done their research and really understood what Yahoo Finance UK covered and what the team had previously written about.

She said: “The pitches which have worked best are where it’s very clear that the person has read something or understands what we’re looking for. Just that little bit of care, I always find that that’s brilliant, as it makes us feel like they care about us writing about it.”

Conversely, she recounted occasions where she had been called “Linda” and communicators had got her publication wrong as among her worst pitching experiences.

Brinded covered a range of subjects over the course of the briefing, including why the title’s content is mobile-first, the evolution of Yahoo Finance UK and how its audience is changing, plus its new premium Global Change Agents with Lianna Brinded video interviews.

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