About Time magazine runs more stories based on PR pitches than other outlets, editor-in-chief Angelica Malin revealed at this CisionMeets media briefing.



Malin noted that the title’s small editorial team meant that they were able to turn around stories very quickly, often receiving pitches in the morning and producing a piece for the website by the afternoon.

“If we get something through in the morning which we think is a good story then we will run it at the drop of a hat,” she said. “The great thing about being small is that you’re nimble, I don’t need to go through someone else. We don’t have anything to stop us from being able to just run a feature.”

She added that the trend-based nature of the online magazine meant that while the team did not need a forward features plan, they make a note of key events at the start of the week which they’ll cover.

In front of a packed audience at The Trampery, Malin went on to discuss the best way to pitch stories to the team, consuming and knowing the website like a reader, its expanding number of events and the future of online media.

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