The Travel Magazine values tailored, exclusive pitches which fit the title’s tone, editor Sharron Livingston revealed during the latest CisionMeets webinar.


She highlighted that the title’s social media following, headlined by over 2.75 million Twitter followers, meant that articles fitted very strict SEO parameters and as such the team would not risk running articles similar to those which already exist.

“If it’s not exclusive I will have to re-write it,” Livingston warned. “Our marketing director checks every single article we have and sees where similar articles appear. Google will penalise us if it is too similar, so either we’d have to re-write it or we just wouldn’t run it.”

As well as the importance of exclusivity, Livingston expanded upon how the magazine was an “influenceable influencer”, why she is on the lookout for interesting travel experiences, how the title is expanding and how its digital strategy means certain types of press releases work better than others.

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