Important information for media request senders

1. Users of Gorkana’s Media Request service, and related media outlets, must be listed on Gorkana’s database as this service is intended to be used by established journalists and bloggers for established media outlets. Exceptions can be made for one-off requests at Gorkana’s discretion.

2. Requests for competition prizes, review products and press trips can only be issued to PRs if the editorial feature it appears in has been commissioned. Only mainstream and influential bloggers can make these types of requests. This is subject to approval by Gorkana’s social media team.

3. For requests that involve competition prizes, review products and press trips, we ask that the journalist / blogger clearly states the intended use and how the provider will be covered editorially. This will generate a better response for the journalist / blogger if PRs know why a hotel stay, pamper day, electronic goods, etc are being requested and the editorial intention. If possible, provide additional stats about how influential your media outlet is.

4. We ask that journalists / bloggers clearly state whether or not products used for review purposes or otherwise will be returned or not. If this is not clearly started, moderators will add the following to the request/s: **Please note that terms related to any exchange of goods/review products are to be agreed upon by both parties and it is not the responsibility of Gorkana. It is the PR’s responsibility to arrange and pay for the return of products.**

5. We cannot issue media requests that ask for advertising, paid-for sponsorship or paid-for editorial. Requests should be for editorial-related content only.

6. We cannot issue requests that solely promote events, media outlets, company news, etc.

7. Requests may be made for products for event goody bags. We ask that the request states what product providers will receive in return.

8. Please note that media requests are text only – attachments and images cannot be added.

9. Gorkana reserves the right to assign/ de-assign sectors where appropriate as the Media Request team is experienced in issuing requests and knows how to best direct a request so that the journalist / blogger receives the best response possible.

10. Moderators have the right to amend any copy for style and accuracy purposes without notifying the request sender. This can include the correction of misspellings.

11. We operate this service based on trust and Gorkana cannot be held responsible for any wrongdoing or miscommunication between journalists / bloggers or other service users and request recipients.

Pointers for PRs – please read if you are a request receiver:

Media requests contain essential information that allows you to see if you can assist or not. Please read requests in full and only contact the request sender if you can help, using the contact details in their request. Please don’t send unsolicited material or add the user to mailing lists, unless they’ve stated that this is ok in their request.

If you can no longer locate a request, this means the deadline has passed or the sender has opted to remove it.

If you have opted to receive a daily email round-up of requests, you may receive the occasional Hot Request. These are requests with short deadlines that won’t appear on the daily email.

Media requests are for the intended recipient only. They must not be forwarded on, or circulated via social media channels.

The Media Requests team checks return conditions for product requests where possible but it is the PR’s responsibility to confirm details with the journalist or blogger, and to arrange and pay for the return of products.

Where possible, the Media Requests team obtains details from journalists and bloggers on what a prize or product provider will receive in return and this is included in the request. The end result is outside of Gorkana’s control and any discussion should take place between the respective PR and journalists / blogger.

If journalists / bloggers want to contact you regarding your response, they will do so directly.

This policy is under constant review and we strive to provide a valuable service to both journalists / bloggers and PRs. If you have any comments about this policy, please contact us using the following email addresses:

Email [email protected] if you are a journalist or a blogger.

Policy updated: March 2016