Sep 23, 2022 / in Editor's Pick

Trending in August, 5 financial results themed press releases are included in the list of top 15 most viewed press releases on PR Newswire website. Generally August is the halfway point of the earning season where the US listed companies will disclose their 2nd quarter reports. We observed a peak of 700+ earnings releases for the US region on August 4, 2022 as per Yahoo Finance.

To release earning reports to investors and stakeholders, what is the main channel IR professionals use? Based on Cision’s State of Investor Relations Reportall respondents said they rely on newswire services. They also ranked newswire releases as the most critical tool to the success of their IR programs, which allowed them to distribute the right information to target audience.

We have selected top 5 most-viewed financial results press releases from APAC listed companies announcing 2022 H1 or interim results.

1. Seegene reports H1 2022 financial results

This H1 financial results press release uses easy-to-digest bullet points under the headline for effective delivery of key takeaways. The ending also includes a quote from a Senior Executive to shed light on the outlook and product pipeline.

2. Ascentage Pharma Announces 2022 Interim Results

These 2022 interim results come with bold, succinct headings to help readers scan and look for relevant information. A long quote from the Chairman & CEO outlines the company’s progress and plans.

3Lunit Announces Financial Results for the First Half of 2022

The press release makes use of bullet points under the headline as well as a condensed and clear “H1 Fiscal 2022 Summary” financial table to provide more context. The quote from the CEO comes right after the leading paragraph to highlight strong financial results.

4. Golden Agri-Resources delivers a robust performance in the first half of 2022 amidst industry volatility

This press release adopts a bullet point list up front and a “FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS” table right under to outline key achievements. The quote from the Chairman and CEO plus his announcement of the interim dividend are placed up front for investors’ quick reference.

5. Ocumension Releases its 2022 Interim Report with its core product Youshiying® being approved for marketing, continuously accelerating product commercialization

This interim report focuses on the update of a new core product and how the company plans to market it in H2. This presentation method illustrates that the firm is on an upward trend with concrete R&D ahead. Key stats of the H1 are also placed in the first paragraph for easy identification.

The takeaways: Clarity and digestible information are two crucial attributes for IR professionals to actively engage investors, properly communicate the message, and ideally influence perception. In financial results press releases, bullet point lists and tables detailing statistics guide readers to identify key facts among an ample amount of information. Quotes from senior management are pivotal for stakeholders to keep a pulse on the company’s health.