Aug 18, 2022

First Media Coffee Comeback in Singapore

On 4 August, we organized our first Media Coffee comeback event in Singapore. The event was a remarkable success, and we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the speakers and guests who have joined us.

Having last met in person with our clients two years ago, hosting this inspiring and enjoyable session is essential.

There is no doubt that digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation ever since the pandemic and throughout history. PR & Comms and the Media Industry are among many industries that have been transformed by digitalization for the better. Professionals must therefore adjust their strategies to support these changes. During this session, we invited a panel of speakers with years of experience in the industry to share their thoughts and strategies on dealing with the modern media.

The power of multimedia in product pitches

As the session kicked off, Ms. Stephanie Lau, Audience Development Manager of PR Newswire, presented some of the interesting insights from the 2022 Global State of the Media Report. It is a report that identifies trends in journalism and opportunities for PR professionals to partner with. It is based on survey responses from 3,890 respondents in 17 markets across the globe.

One of the five insights that she shared was that almost half of the total respondents look out for photos/videos in the pitch of a product launch. On the other hand, only 18% of them find interview with an independent analyst who knows the product is necessary in a product pitch. The power of a picture cannot be overstated in modern media.

Data is the innovative success factor for pitching

Mr. Victor Ng, the Editor-in-Chief from Thinklogic Media Group has more than 30 years’ experience in business and technology media. He was invited to share some of the best practices for pitching to trade publications.

It is always important to include meaningful data in pitching to engage the audience effectively. Being innovative with presenting the data collected could help piquing the audience’s interest on the content.

Apart from moving from siloed data to integrated information and immediate insights, he also discussed leveraging 1st party data in order to grow zero-party data as one of the data-driven strategies. By collecting first-party data through different means, we are able to gain insight from the analytics and consumer behaviors. It is also a foundation that made it possible for us to build and grow the direct connection and trust between the brand and consumers

Digitalization is the trend of publications in APAC

“Average Singaporean users spent 64% of their time on digital media, compared to 36% on traditional media”, said Ronald Khay, our Supervisor of Media Monitoring and Insights, during his speech. There is no denying the significance of this figure.

According to our APAC Media Landscape 2022 Report, many publications have gone fully digital, or prioritize digital content over offline. As a result of media digitalization, the growth of online Media leads to stagnated trend in terms of the demand for print monitoring. It is of prime importance for communicators to allocate their resources at where it matters and path the way to Modern Communicators.

Ms. Anisa Menur Maulani, Editor of e27, also share her thoughts on empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies. She emphasized the importance of relevance and timings for pitching for audience engagement. The floor was filled with many questions, together with the other speakers, she was invited onto the stage for further discussion with the guests. We hope our guests were able to take something away from the conversation.

For many of us, it’s been a long-awaited opportunity to catch up with clients and industry players. An end-of-event cocktail networking session with tasty food and loads of drinks was such a wonderful way to conclude it. In the wake of the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, we are hoping to organize more of such inspiring events around the region!

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