Jul 18, 2022

Including multimedia in press releases increases potential engagement from journalists, which use the content to inform and extend their stories. Not only do photographs, videos, audio clips, infographics and illustrations help contextualize a story, they add a visual or aural dimension that also engages consumers.

As outlined in Cision’s 2022 Global State of the Media Reportmore than four in five journalists (81%) have recently used photos to accompany content over the past six months. Video is also popular (47%), followed closely by infographics (41%) and social media posts (39%). The omission of multimedia content in a press release could be a missed opportunity.

The following releases from June had higher than average page views. All the news releases come with at least one photo or video.

1. Jasmine Food emphasizes the importance of well-balanced meals during this Aidilfitri

Jasmine Food’s Multimedia News Release (MNR) landing page includes a video and 4 photos that showcases the company’s product in the background for added visual interest.

2.  Payboy Launches Paybeyond to Help Streamline International Businesses’ Payroll and HR System

Payboy System’s Multimedia News Release (MNR) gained over 16k views on PRNAsia.com, which is about its integrated payroll and remittance system that can pay out local and overseas-based employees. The earned media pickup from MARKETECH APAC condensed the text to an easier digestible format and utilized the MNR landing page video to create a GIF to embed into the middle of the article.

3. Supporting the Low-carbon Development of Automotive Industry, GWM Opens Over 1,000 New Energy Vehicle Patents 

In addition to announcing the number of patents opened last year, this carmaker uses this product shot to show a newly launched hybrid SUV in its lineup.

4. Next.e.GO Mobile brings its sports model to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Among all the perfectly edited product shots, a real-life picture with real customers showing interest in the product could be a way to standout.

5. TMYTEK Launches Antenna-in-Package Solutions for 5G Mobile and SATCOM

This trade show photo packs a lot of information in one image. The company representatives present new products in front of a backdrop which clearly displays the company logo and product highlights.

Content Spotlight: LILYSILK Honors World Environment Day with Sustainable Living Initiatives

The company adds this image to express its support to World Environmental Day. The picture, which shows the harmony with nature, is well picked and being used by a few media like NewslanesYarns and Fibers, and Los Angeles Issue.

The takeaways:  Multimedia content will connect your brand with the target audience and help to add a visual aspect to your message. The Multimedia News Release (MNR) format, showcased above as #1 and #2 examples, is a fantastic way showcase your multimedia content on a dedicated branded landing page.