Nov 16, 2022

The 2022 World Cup is just a few days away! 32 national teams travel to Qatar to compete for the biggest competition. As all eyes are on this quadrennial tournament, sponsorship represents an immense commercial opportunity for brands.

Starting from October, the Official Sponsors and Timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup 2022™ have sent out press releases to promote their products and launch relevant campaigns. In these releases, the sponsors illustrate:

  • they are as passionate about football as fans are
  • they are excited to be part of this football megaevent
  • how their products can enrich fans’ experience and support the competition

1. vivo Connects Passionate Football Fans with GIVE IT A SHOT Campaign at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

“Take a shot!”, we often hear coaches, players, and supporters say this over and over again during the tournament. vivo encourages fans to do the same but with their smartphones - taking photos of their football moments, supporters can post the picture with a designated hashtag on social media. vivo didn’t opt for the usual product promotion, but to embrace the spirit and engage football fans to spread the word.

2. With Top-Notch Innovation and Technologies, Hisense Aims to Be Costumers' Perfect Companion to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

Leading consumer electronics manufacturer Hisense has launched a series of products including TV, air conditioner, and washing machine ahead of the most anticipated football events. By using similar keywords such as “perfect companion”, “perfect match”, and “perfect choice”, Hisense positions itself as the brand that enhances football fans’ match-viewing experience.

3. BYJU'S unveils the BYJU'S Coding Cup, enabling kids to use code and AI to field virtual soccer teams in unison with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

Education technology company BYJU’S launches Coding Cup, a football-themed coding competition for children. They can personalize and program the moves of their virtual football players playing against teams around the globe. Coding shares some common values of football such as goal setting and commitment, but at the same time BYJU shows that learning to code can be fun and accessible to kids worldwide through this campaign.

4.Hublot Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

Referees will be wearing this smart watch to time the 64 matches throughout the tournament. For obvious reasons referees cannot promote the timepiece, but the Swiss watchmaker has French forward Kylian Mbappé as the brand ambassador. The 23-year-old is hugely influential on and off the field, who helped France to win the 2018 World Cup and has more than 73 million Instagram followers.

Brand and product discoverability are not only about logo exposure, official sponsors can maximize the opportunity by highlighting how your products and brands help facilitate the sports events and engage fans to immerse themselves in the contests.

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