Oct 26, 2022 / in Editor's Pick

During a product launch, getting the message across to the target audience requires compelling product pitches and effective audience engagement.

It is important to draft the message with key information that the audiences are looking for:

  • Tell readers where and when the new product will be released
  • Focus on benefits, not features
  • Explain how the product fits for purpose
  • Make the audience the key role in the launch
  • Demonstrate the new product
  • Include product images

In September, the releases with the most clicks and pick-ups were all focused on new products, services, and branding. Each release embodied different aspects of what is required for an effective press release about a company’s latest offerings.

1. HONOR Announces Dual Flagship Strategy, MagicOS 7.0 Plans, Launches HONOR 70, HONOR MagicBook 14 and HONOR Pad 8 at IFA 2022

HONOR’s announcement of its latest batch of products focuses on their availability in key new markets. Readers are clear about where and when the products can be purchased. For releases announcing the launch of new products, it’s imperative to include availability details.

2. Mintegral Launches Gaming Growth Program to Empower Mobile Game Developers in Vietnam

Another key feature in the releases is to highlight the benefits – explain to readers what’s in it for them as compared to only listing specific features of the product or service. Mintegral demonstrates in this release on how their new growth program will pay off for the companies involved, in a concise, down-to-earth language without any jargon.

3. SenseTime Unveils Four AI Platforms Driving AI’s Scalable Industrial Application Through Standardization

Utilize common industry knowledge as the foundation, and build off from it to support the concept of your new products & services. It’s important to show this because the breakthrough you made appeals to the audience. SenseTime’s release announces their new AI platforms which is based on the industry standards and highlights how this product supports the AI industry’s growth.

4. Total Fandemonium: VELO Shares The Love For McLaren Formula 1 Team Fans On- And Off- The Track

Taking “What’s in it for me?” to a higher level, VELO reached out to the audience to help in the creation of new branding and content. This outreach to fans of the McLaren Formula 1 Team shows both the team and VELO’s appreciation for their fans and audience.

5. UBTECH announces global debut of intelligent healthcare robots and solutions

Show the product. It’s a simple imperative, especially for new product announcements because visuals help to draw attention. In their September release, UBTECH showcased their new healthcare products in multiple high-quality photos in different scenarios, helping the audience to better understand the usage and motivates purchase.

In today’s competitive business environment, it is not unusual to see companies invest millions of dollars in a product launch to get maximum attention and sales. A good press release with engaging content that prioritize the audience’s need would benefit a company in more ways than one might expect.

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