Feb 26, 2024 / by Stephen Erhorn

Could you ever have imagined how quickly artificial intelligence (AI) technology would develop? Over the past year, we have witnessed AI-powered text-to-video creations evolve from an uncanny rendering of Will Smith trying to eat mounds of pixelated spaghetti to photo-realistic depictions of city streets.  

In fact, ever since ChatGPT burst onto the scene in late 2022, we have seen a steady increase in releases about AI. If you are planning to join in on the growing trend, you have likely found that there is plenty of advice online about using AI to help you write a release, but how do you craft a compelling release about AI?

Whether you’re planning to showcase your new AI-enhanced product launches, collaborations, or insights, we’ve gathered some tips and examples that will help you to craft a release about AI that stands out.


#1: Highlight the Novel Benefits of AI from The Start

From enabling increased personalization in e-commerce to supporting email inboxes with highly effective spam filtering, AI has already touched the lives of experts and laypeople alike during its rapid period of development. Against this backdrop, you can spark curiosity by introducing how the exciting capabilities of your new product or service were made possible by AI technology to keep them intrigued and invested in the press release.

Starting with a headline with action verbs can help your press release stand out without sounding clickbaity! All while holding the attention of your readers further. Our Definitive Guide to Crafting an Engaging Press Release found that these action verbs, such as “reports” and “acquires” tend to gather a disproportionately high number of average page views in relation to their commonality in headlines, as you can see in the infographic below.

This release from IBM does both things very well, highlighting the new possibilities for integrated shopping experiences  that are offered by AI, which might be refreshing for readers. This would hold their interest alongside an attention-grabbing headline that features one of the most effective action verbs – reports, that we mentioned earlier. IBM backs up the strong headline by incorporating a clear CTA (Call to Action) for journalists through a hyperlink back to the report in the lead paragraph.  

By touching upon the interest amongst consumers in receiving information, advertisements, and offerings from stores in a personalized way driven by artificial intelligence, IBM’s release outlines the significance of AI to consumers in a compelling and highly informative manner.


#2: Promote Developments in an Understandable and Engaging Way!

Artificial intelligence is still a relatively young topic in the public consciousness. You might be well-versed in the intricacies of your organization’s developments, but it is important to remember that some of your audience may not be quite as tech-savvy as you are. When creating your release, steer clear of subject-specific jargon that may be confusing for a non-expert. Keep your language clear and accessible so that your message resonates with all audiences.

A great way to impress the capabilities of AI on an audience is to let the technology speak for itself. In this visually stimulating release, digital travel platform Agoda combined ChatGPT 4.0 with the AI image generator Midjourney to create a kaleidoscope of exciting destinations to inspire travel plans. 

By taking advantage of AI image generator to help audiences visualize the excitement of a trip around the world, the release not only is engaging, but also saves readers’ time. Readers would instantly be able to understand the technological capabilities of the AI image generator, instead of reading chunks of text to grasp the concept. Like IBM’s approach, Agoda also provides readers with a clear CTA that will generate traffic towards their vibrant “Travel in Colours” web experience.


#3: Include a Leadership Voice

In a world where artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the decision-making landscape, it is imperative that your organization highlights the ability of its leadership to understand and adopt this technology.

Journalists are always on the lookout for prescient quotes from industry leaders to enhance the impact of their writing. By including insightful and thought-provoking statements from top executives, readers would be able to gain access to the strategic thinking brains behind your company’s AI-focused developments.

Providing this level of access to the minds behind your organization can significantly enhance its credibility with your target audience.  

This release from Trip.com incorporates quotes from both their CEO and Managing Director of International Markets. They clearly outline how the online travel agent is using AI to support personalization for travelers, and to introduce Trip.Best, the company's AI-curated recommendation travel list.  

By including insights from the Trip.com leadership and their thoughts on how the company uses AI to enhance travel experiences, this release allows readers to better understand the purpose behind AI integration and the benefits that it offers consumers as appetite for travel continues to grow.


#4: Maximize Engagement with Attractive Visual Elements

In an era where AI is becoming a seemingly ubiquitous presence in the media, you cannot simply mention the topic and expect journalists to pay attention. It is always a great idea to engage your readership through an attractive visual story. 

This release from Timekettle takes full advantage of the Multichannel News Release option, powered by PR Newswire, to announce the release of the world’s first AI interpreter hub at CES 2024. The custom landing page linked just after the lead paragraph features a visually stimulating introduction about the release of Timekettle’s new device that uses AI to empower real-time conversations and overcome language barriers.  

By highlighting the interpreting system’s translation capabilities for meetings of up to 20 people across 5 languages, the release emphasizes the convenience and cost-saving potential that AI can provide to readers. Meanwhile, the six multimedia assets on the landing page offer an up-close view of the product and its debut at CES 2024.



The possibilities offered by AI technology present you with the chance to flex your creative muscles and elevate your content in a fresh way. However, your new release on AI does not exist in isolation; it should fit seamlessly into your existing communications ecosystem. 

Although you might be discussing a cutting-edge topic when writing about AI, your press release should still reflect your brand’s existing story and values. With this in mind, we advise you to stick to these tried and tested techniques to craft a standout press release on AI that will capture the attention of both journalists and readers alike:  

  • Highlight the novel benefits of AI right from the start
  • Promote developments in an understandable and engaging way
  • Include a leadership voice
  • Maximize engagement with attractive visual elements   

Speak to our trusty consultants today if you would like to find out about the ways that we can elevate your communication campaigns. 

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Stephen Erhorn is an editor at Cision, based in Beijing. He uses his communications and PR expertise to support clients in refining and distributing their press releases.