Nov 27, 2023 / by Alex MacGregor

In the fast-evolving landscape of public relations (PR) and communications, artificial intelligence (AI) generative tools have emerged as powerful tools – the likes of ChatGPT, Claude and more. As PR professionals, staying informed about these tools is crucial to harness their potential effectively as we look towards 2024.

Here are five key topics every PR and communications professional should be familiar with:

#1: Ethical Considerations in AI Content Creation

With the rise of AI generative tools, the ethical implications of content creation come to the forefront. PR professionals need to be mindful of the potential misuse of AI, such as generating misleading information or biased content. 

Understanding the ethical boundaries and ensuring responsible use of AI-generated materials is essential to maintain credibility and trust with stakeholders. 

PR Newswire press release content is edited and approved by real human editorial teams to minimize the risks in this regard.


#2: Customizing AI-generated content for brand voice

AI generative tools provide an opportunity to streamline content creation processes. However, it's crucial to ensure that the generated content aligns with the brand voice and messaging. 

PR professionals should actively engage with AI tools to customize and fine-tune outputs, maintaining consistency and authenticity in communication. This involves defining guidelines for AI content creation that reflect the brand's values and tone.


#3: Crisis Management and AI-generated content

PR professionals often face the challenge of managing crises swiftly and effectively. AI generative tools can aid in creating rapid responses and statements. However, it's vital to strike a balance between speed and accuracy. 

Professionals should be aware of the limitations of AI in understanding nuanced situations and be prepared to intervene manually in high-stakes scenarios. Developing contingency plans that incorporate AI tools while allowing for human oversight is a strategic approach to crisis communication.


#4: Experimenting with New Generative AI tools

PR professionals should constantly experiment with new AI tools such as, Bard, AlphaCode and Claude and not just stick to the famed ChatGPT as their one and only source! New AI generative tools can offer several benefits to the field. AI technology has the potential to enhance various aspects of PR work, including media monitoring, data analysis, content creation, and audience targeting.    


#5: Navigating the Downsides of AI tools:

AI tools may not always possess the nuanced understanding, creativity, and empathy that human PR professionals have. This can lead to a lack of context and sensitivity in certain situations, especially when dealing with delicate issues or crisis management.

To mitigate these downsides, PR professionals should approach the use of AI tools with caution and balance their integration with human expertise. It's important to maintain a critical eye, use AI as a tool to enhance rather than replace PR work, and continuously evaluate the effectiveness and ethical implications of AI in their strategies and campaigns.




PR and communications professionals embracing AI generative tools should prioritize ethical considerations, customize content to align with brand voice, and strategically integrate AI into crisis management plans. 

By staying informed and proactive, PR professionals can harness the power of AI to enhance communication strategies and build stronger connections with their audiences. Do check out our 2023 AI Media Landscape Report for more insights. 

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