Vinamilk Case Study

Introduction to Vinamilk: 

Find out how PR Newswire helped Vinamilk launch its communications campaign in a new market.

Vinamilk, which is headquartered in Vietnam, is among the world’s Top 50 largest dairy companies. The company has the largest international standard farming system in Asia and its products are exported to 56 countries.

In 2019, the Vietnamese nutrition group officially launched in mainland China. While it is a well-known dairy brand in Vietnam, it had a nascent brand presence in mainland China. The company needed to localize its communications efforts in order to establish its brand reputation and effectively target local consumers in a new market.
Vinamilk enlisted the expertise of PR Newswire to craft a press release and package the information and customized branded video into a Multimedia News Release and utilized PR Newswire’s extensive media network in mainland China to ensure that the news reach the right audience.
Get this case study to find out how PR Newswire help Vinamilk to:

  • Tap on a synergy of communications expertise and support across the APAC region.
  • Craft engaging press release content that resonates with local audiences.
  • Harness the power of multimedia in its press release through a customized branded video

Vinamilk Case Study

The Challenge

Vinamilk, which is headquartered in Vietnam, is among the world’s Top 50 largest dairy companies. In 2019, Vinamilk was included in Forbes Asia’s ‘200 Best Over A Billion’ list and Nikkei Asian Review’s ‘Top 100 Asia300 Power Performers’. The company has the largest Global Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) farming system in Asia and its products are exported to more than 50 countries. 

One year after Vinamilk entered mainland China, the Vietnamese nutrition group officially launched in the market with a localized logo and brand name, Yuenamiao to effectively target local consumers.

While Vinamilk is a well-known dairy brand in Vietnam, it had a nascent brand presence in mainland China. The company needed to localize its communications efforts in order to establish its reputation as a brand that produces high-quality and nutritious dairy products.

Another key message of the launch was highlighting the accessibility of Vinamilk’s products in mainland China, from being sold on e-commerce sites, such as Tmall (Alibaba), major supermarkets to department stores.

Like any brand deepening its presence in a new market, Vinamilk required local media outreach expertise as part of its Go-To-Market strategy. Securing a strong media presence was critical for the news of the launch to stand out given that the retail landscape in mainland China was already saturated with many well-established dairy brands. 

Client Perspective

"PR Newswire has greatly contributed to the success of Vinamilk’s launch event in China. With its professional service, prompt support, and wide media coverage in APAC, we have received inquiries from Chinese buyers expressing an interest to cooperate with us. As a result, our distribution network has grown bigger in China."

Ms Pham Hong Hanh, Marketing Manager


Vinamilk Case Study

The Result

  • Distribute the releases to 45,000+ journalists and influencers from targeted industries, including Business/Finance, Food/Beverage, and General News in Mainland China and APAC.  
  • Reach 80+ media outlets in Mainland China that target digitally savvy audiences.  

  • Secure media coverage of the launch event by news outlets such as Bloomberg, VietnamPlus and 

  • Gain 71,000+ impressions and 34,000+ views on PR Newswire and partner websites. 
  • Attract new audiences through PR Newswire’s online syndication network and media partners, both pieces of news were picked up by 230+ online media outlets around the world. 

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Vinamilk Case Study

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