Manulife Singapore Case Study

Introduction to Manulife 

Manulife Financial Corporation (Manulife) is a leading international financial services group that provides financial advice, insurance, as well as wealth and asset management solutions for individuals, groups, and institutions.

 Besides having an interesting campaign concept, it is also vital to ensure that the key message is targeted to the relevant media and audiences. Manulife Singapore was looking for a way to amplify campaign awareness and media coverage in order to increase participation in the Manulife Vault Game.

Manulife Singapore Case Study

Challenges & Solutions

The Challenge

Manulife Singapore launched its first game-orientated campaign, Manulife Vault Game in October 2019. The engaging month-long campaign pitted the memory skills of participants in a thrilling online game. The end goal? To win a Manulife retirement plan that is worth S$250,000 at a grand finale play-off.

The financial services company turned to PR Newswire to help boost media visibility and coverage of this multimedia campaign.


  • Expand media coverage on the Manulife Vault Campaign
  • Maximise the campaign’s multimedia assets through a Multimedia News Release
  • Make informed decisions and communicate more strategically

To match the digital-forward nature of the campaign, Manulife Singapore distributed its first Multimedia News Release (MNR). The release seamlessly incorporated the Manulife Vault Game’s eye-catching graphics and animated videos into an interactive landing page that was also equipped with Manulife’s social media widgets, QR code, and a call to action button that drove traffic to the online game. 


Client Perspective

"Having an MNR helps to optimise campaigns that have varying formats of communications by housing them in one landing page that is sent to the right media. A traditional press release might not have the capability to showcase different formats as well as an MNR.

Cheryl Lim, Vice President and Head of Branding, Communications and Sponsorships

Manulife Singapore

Manulife Singapore Case Study

The Results

  • Distributed the release to 4,500+ journalists and influencers from targeted industries, such as Advertising/Marketing, Finance/Investment and Entertainment in Singapore.
  • Widened media coverage; the news picked up by 70+ media outlets in APAC, including AsiaOne, Yahoo Finance and Markets Insider.
  • Gained 40,000+ impressions.
  • Received 20,000+ views on PR Newswire and partner websites.
  • Captured the attention of readers with an average of close to 1.5 minutes spent on viewing the MNR.
  • Attracted new audiences through PR Newswire’s online syndication network and media partners, which expand the reach of the news in APAC.
  • Evaluated communications results via PR Newswire’s Comprehensive Report - a robust reporting tool that shows exactly where the story was featured online.
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Manulife Singapore Case Study

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