At Cision, we are committed to creating a diverse, high-performing, and collaborative organization. Our annual DEI Report is an opportunity for us to transparently share our global diversity story through strategy, data, our people’s voices, and our actions.

The report includes Cision’s global DEI strategy, aligned around its three pillars: Access; Representation; and Belonging. You will find in the report the following:

  • A message from Cali Tran, CEO of Cision
  • An overview of Cision’s global DEI strategy - Access, Representation, & Belonging
  • Top accomplishments and increased engagement metrics in 2022
  • Global workforce data, affirming our gender parity even at higher leadership levels
  • The launch and success of Cision’s Social Impact program + community partners highlight
  • Our Brandwatch business unit’s representation data, DEI insights, and key accomplishments

Cision shares this report to practice the transparency that is valued in our culture, an opportunity to measure our results and progress and provide an example for our customers and stakeholders who share our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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