Building and Maintaining Brand Trust

There’s a world of information at our fingertips, but how much can we actually trust it? Research shows misinformation is spreading faster than ever – up to six times faster than accurate news items – with digital platforms enabling the amplification of fake stories, erroneous claims, or unreliable information.

Whether it comes in the form of deepfakes, fake news, or conspiracy theories, misinformation is causing disruption not just for the media, but organizations and society at large. For brands who find themselves at the center of false news claims, the negative implications can be profound.

As the teams responsible for managing and protecting their brand’s reputation, PR and communications professionals need to be hyper-aware of how misinformation can impact their brands – and what they can do to fight against it.

In PR in the Age of Misinformation: Building and Maintaining Brand Trust we explore:

  • The rise of misinformation, what’s driving it and how it impacts brands
  • How PR teams can battle misinformation – and why they need to
  • How PR teams are using technology combat misinformation and protect brand reputation

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