Feb 24, 2023

In the past few months, consumers around the world have been experiencing inflation. In response, several economists have expressed concern about the possibility of recession as a correction of inflation. Tech is one of the industries that is being strongly affected by these economic forces. Layoffs in tech are causing concern, thus other industries are taking preventive measures. With countries and companies bracing themselves, a challenging economic climate could be on the horizon

Nevertheless, some companies are showing signs of positivity and growth in the early days of 2023. Business news focused on acquisitions, mergers, venture capital investment, and market expansion topped the readership in January. The top business news releases had over 28,000 readers, demonstrating that it’s still one of the most sought-after topics. Readers are drawn to a few subtopics within the overarching business topic, and the January releases employ straightforward writing and positive examples of their work that intrigue media sites.

Acquisitions and Realignments

As we begin a new year, January is a time to refresh our values and focus on what’s important to us. Similarly, companies are doing so to buck the trend of loss and layoffs.

Panduit’s announcement about acquiring parts of DongWon EN-Tec Co., Ltd.’s product portfolio demonstrates how even in a bleak business climate, companies are capable of growth and development in newer fields.  

Venture Capital/Investment

A recent study from Fidelity pointed out that even though the tech industry appears to be hemorrhaging in the current economic climate, it is still a standard of investment.

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. proudly announced that one of the companies they have been investing in the past few years had been successfully listed on the China National Equities Exchange and Quotations, lending credence to the idea that tech companies aren’t just bad news, despite some economic growth pains.

Likewise, healthcare investment continues to provide newsworthy pronouncements. According to the same Fidelity study, healthcare is an investment that maintains a nearly constant positive outlook.

While some venture capital firms have cooled off on startups, Ferronova Pty. Ltd’s press release showed that companies focusing on biotech and healthcare breakthroughs can still attract investments from funders.


By expanding your business footprint, you have an opportunity to discuss positive aspects of your company’s growth, for both the company and the local economy.

As part of its expansion plans throughout the Philippines, SM Investments Corporation discussed its provincial expansion steps and how local employees and consumers would benefit from it.

CN Energy Group. Inc. also recently expanded into a new market, the United States. This is a step toward lowering the cost of production and cutting through shipping and logistical issues.

Looking through the above releases, a few points can be taken away to help other companies with their business news development:

  1. Be realistic – Avoiding ostentatious declarations of success will endear you to the media, as they can see you as a reliable source of information.
  2. Be honest – State what your company is doing and what is most likely going to happen without embellishing the truth.
  3. Substantiate with data – Provide data to back up statements about business news so that readers can verify them.
  4. Be Humble – Instead of fixating on and glorifying your successes, do keep things concise and subtle. After all, a little goes a long way and would be more effective.
  5. Don’t dwell on the negative – Ensure you are honest while also being brief. If something goes wrong, explain how you plan to fix it and move on.

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