Jan 10, 2023

2022 has been an unusual, and at times difficult year for most, it is imperative that readers find some positivity and hope in the news. Many businesses take stock of their actions and share their aspirations at the end of the year. A press release with sharp visuals and key details helps bring readers and media to see the company’s visions.

In order to get readers to understand your company’s aspirations, it’s necessary that a release showcases improvements, discoveries, and accomplishments you made. The top 5 releases in November highlight these achievements and provide a sense of positive change that readers can take away. 

1. Golden Agri-Resources introduces Sawit Terampil to enhance agricultural practices among farmers

Golden Agri-Resources sent a Multimedia News Release with video and photos to introduce their new upskilling program designed to educate and assist smaller farms and agrobusinesses. The release and landing page highlighted the key aspects of the program in celebration of the program’s success and future potential.

2. Treadwell Therapeutics Announces a Presentation at the 2022 SITC Annual Meeting Featuring a Clinical Trial Update on CFI-402411, a First-in-Class HPK1 inhibitor

In the announcement of clinical trial updates and presentation, Treadwell Therapeutics took a moment to highlight the key findings of their clinical trial in search of a means of creating anti-tumor immunity among patients. The release provides encouragement to both Treadwell in continuing their research as well as readers.

3. Zaozhuang mutton soup prevails after “Start of Winter”

Winter can leave lots of readers feeling less enthusiastic because of the cold weather. That’s why The Publicity Department of the CPC Zaozhuang Municipal Committee utilized the season and its weather to focus attention on Zaozhuang’s famous mutton soup. The release provides a welcome reprieve from the season and the attached video provides a visual escape for readers to forget their current cold surroundings.

4. Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) celebrated its 20th anniversary with a press release highlighting some of the school’s achievements and future goals. With strong, focused quotations, as well as targeted facts and figures, the school presents the significance of this celebration to the readers.

5. Sinopec Uncovers High-Yielding Shale Gas Reserve in Sichuan Basin

2022 has raised a lot of concern about energy globally, so when an energy company finds a new stream of development for their product, it sparks readers’ interest. SINOPEC’s update on their discovery of shale gas led to lots of clicks and engagement. Providing relevant details and an impressive image got readers excited for the news of easier energy in times of concern.

New findings, advancements or innovations are always encouraging and impactful. No matter what your company’s aspirations are, bring the readers in with press releases by illustrating your achievements and inspiring visions.