Mar 15, 2024 / by Weiying Chong

From automating repetitive tasks, conducting data monitoring and insights, to offering optimal storytelling and content formats, AI has certainly more than dabbled into the world of PR and communications. Indeed, the above might not be news at all, but what about AI tools pushing creative boundaries? 

After having surveyed 400+ communications leaders worldwide about their biggest communications challenges and priorities for 2024, while zooming in on their take on generative AI, we have found that PR and Communications teams in the APAC region are simply hooked on AI. How has being hooked on AI altered the creative world of PR and comms professionals? In this article, we explore how APAC PR and comms professionals are redefining creativity with AI tools. 


AI Tools for Everyday Tasks of PR and Comms Professionals, especially Those in the APAC region

First off, using AI tools to complete day-to-day tasks is getting increasingly common for PR and communications professionals. We had narrowed down to eight key functions of PR professionals and the responses below show our respondents’ teams’ current usage of generative AI to help with that function. 

Figure 1 - Source: 2024 Global Comms Report 
Figure 2 - Source: 2024 Global Comms Report

Statistics from the seven out of the eight functions revealed that APAC teams have expressed more regular usage of generative AI tools more than those in the EU and U.S. regions. 

Generative AI tools such as, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing AI Chat, and Google’s Bard AI have gained popularity in a short amount of time and for good reason! Generative AI tools can generate press releases, articles and more in a fraction of the amount of time that PR professionals would usually spend to produce. As such, wanting or needing to be creative now requires less effort! This is good news for many as productivity levels would be ramped up.

What about the current usage of generative AI tools among individuals? 

Download our 2024 Global Comms Report to find out. Hint: Respondents from APAC are not the most frequent users when compared to those from the other regions. 


AI-powered Campaigns Push Creative Boundaries 

It's one thing to create content, but another when your content shines and impresses. Here are some examples of how brands have utilized AI to challenge creative boundaries that are beyond one’s human capacity.  

1. Vpon Big Data Group Creates AI-Generated Advertising Campaign for Soft Drink Brand, Mezzanine Makers

"InVnity” is an AI visual generative system which utilizes AI and big data to generate and optimize advertising design and delivery. The AI system will automatically generate high-quality advertising visuals with various creative to choose from.  

The system is 10 times more efficient than the design workflow in the past, which in fact breakthroughs the boundaries of reality! Creators can envision their products in surreal setting in just a split second, such as historical and futuristic scenery, which would require a large amount of production cost and resources in real life. 

AI-powered advertisements created for Mezzanine Makers, Hong Kong-based soft drinks brand

2. P&G Health commemorates World Diabetes Day 2023 with innovative AI-based Experiential Campaign #KnowtheSigns

Ever wondered what nerve damage or vitamin B deficiency look and feel like? Thanks to AI, now you can! The #KnowtheSigns campaign includes an online and offline 'See what they feel' photo exhibit, wherein real-life patient experiences have been brought to life using AI to help consumers identify early signs of nerve damage and vitamin B deficiency. 

A simulated 'Touch Room' - virtual and on-ground - with altered everyday items highlighting the impact on the quality of life of patients is also another component of this innovative campaign. 

These are just two of the many awe-inspiring AI-powered campaigns that have wowed audiences. Such creative prowess achieved with AI tools has proven to benefit society for the better - for business, the healthcare industry and quite possibly, so much more.


AI Tools are Still a Work in Progress

Although AI has been delivering impressive results, Sunil Naryani, chief product officer of Dentsu APAC states that, “AI holds the promise of helping in a lot of these areas – from quicker, more efficient storytelling to delivering personalization at scale. However, going by entries at YouTube Works, using it optimally is still a work in progress.”

At SEA’s YouTube Works Awards in 2023, the number of entries in the Alchemist category — created to celebrate communication that effectively reached audiences using AI-powered capabilities, was much lower than others. Thus, this shows that fine tuning of AI tools is still critical as they are not as flawless, and we would like them to be yet. 


Redefine Creativity with AI as Your Partner in Crime

Indeed, there are many benefits of AI, but one should not be complacent and rely on AI tools solely to create personalized content and expect impeccable results. Our advice? Treat AI as your partner in crime, where you depend on them for certain creative elements and insights.

However, AI is still your partner, a human, ironically, who can make mistakes. Thus, fact checking and applying your “human magic” as Narayni claims, is highly necessary. 

“AI can be used to storyboard, make small edits and push boundaries. Human magic can then be applied to the final edits.”  

Given the higher regular usage of AI tools among PR and comms teams in APAC as compared to teams in the U.S. and EU regions, APAC professionals are on the right track to consistently push creative boundaries.

Find out more insights about Generative AI and their impacts on PR and comms professionals in our 2024 Global Comms Report.

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