Dec 18, 2023 / by Weiying Chong

It’s that time of the year again, when calendars for the new year are in high demand! PR Newswire has got a version that would be the holy grail for PR and communications professionals.

For those who reside in the APAC region, our APAC PR Calendar 2024 will come in especially handy. All events, festivals and public holidays that are observed by the various countries in the APAC region have been compiled and listed in our calendar. International and memorial days that are celebrated worldwide have not been left out too.


Our comprehensive APAC PR Calendar 2024 is essentially a one-stop resource that will give you an overview of 2024’s most significant dates so that you will never miss timely opportunities for press coverage and reaching your audience. After all, opportunistic planning in PR reigns supreme as timing is truly everything in public relations

With so many considerations in place when planning your PR strategy, do yourself a favor and download the digital version of our APAC PR Calendar 2024 now to plan with ease.


Adding Key Dates to Your Outlook Calendar

For those of you who prefer the convenience of having these key dates integrated into your personal calendar, here’s how you can do so in just a few easy steps.

Step 1:

Head over to your Google Calendar and select the “Settings” option

Step 2:

Expand the “Add calendar” option and select “Browse calendars of interest”

Step 3: Under the “Regional Holidays” segment, you should be able to select your preferences

Step 4: Refer back to the options on the left and select the “Import & export” option

Step 5: Select the “Export” option to export the ICS file to your Outlook calendar


And that’s it! Everything possible date you’ll need to take note of in 2024 would literally be at your fingertips. Download our APAC PR Calendar 2024 today to start planning your 2024 PR activities and initiatives. 

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