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Two popular international electronics trade shows were held in January and February-March of this year CES 2023, held from Jan 5, 2023 – Jan 8, and MWC Barcelona 2023 from Feb 27, 2023 - Mar 2, 2023. There were many press releases sent through PR Newswire related to the CES and MWC events, and we observed some common themes from the top-viewed releases. 

There are 3 phases for event-related release: pre-event communications to warm up the audience, during-event communications to provide live updates on activities at the show, and post-event communications to share takeaways and conclusions.

We analyzed some of the examples from the 3 different phases.

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Pre-event communications

As noted in the CES Industry Trend Report 2023, Lenovo and TCL successfully took advantage of the less competitive preshow phase to gain undivided (media) attention.

TECNO to Launch Flagship Foldable Smartphone with MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ Processor at MWC 2023

The press release from TECNO is about their plan to launch a foldable smartphone, which is a topic that gained great attraction as noted in the MWC Trend Report 2023. This category of release can help drum up interest and hype while allowing readers and journalists to know what to expect and where to find more details at the trade show. Concluded in the new release is a CTA link to the application form to attend the PHANTOM V Fold official launch.


Petnow: The Only ID App for Dogs and Cats Is Coming to MWC Barcelona

The unique service mentioned in Petnow’s press release is the world’s first and only service identifying dogs and cats just by using the app. Details about the app launch and company booth are included. Sending warm-up content like this can help the company create interest from the media and visitors before the event so interested parties can plan and visit the booth on the event days. 

Other content ideas for pre-event communications:

  • What products will be launched

  • Where to find the booth

  • If there are any special events like speeches, fireside chats, product launch events, meet-and-greets, etc. 


During-event communications

HONOR Announces the Global Launch of the HONOR Magic5 Series and HONOR Magic Vs at MWC 2023

The press release from HONOR is about the Global Launch of the HONOR Magic5 Series and HONOR Magic Vs at MWC. The product was launched during the "Tech to Inspire" event, and more information about the specifications and availability are also included. This type of content can provide the company with a voice to summarize the launch event, and to provide context to readers that are not present at the event.


TECNO Marks its MWC Debut Showcasing Two New Smartphones, Upgraded Laptops and Diverse AIoT Offering

This news from TECNO is about the company’s debut at MWC. More details about the PHANTOM V Fold and a launch date of day two in MWC Barcelona 2023 are provided. Other products such as the SPARK Pro 10 selfie phone, and the MEGABOOK S1 2023 laptop are also mentioned. The release featured multiple images including a photo of the company booth, and the display of the PHANTOM V Fold. The company booth and launch event time and location have been included to boost any last-minute interest.

Other content ideas for during-event communications:

  • Firsthand news about any cooperation or contract deals

  • Announcements of new products, services, etc. 

  • Award ceremonies 

  • Sharing sessions by leaders, who could be giving speeches or attending fireside chats


Post-event communications

Jackery Named to "Best of CES" 2023 Lists by Tech-Focused Media Following Trade Show Attendance

This press release about Jackery winning the "Best of CES" awards and rThis press release about Jackery winning the "Best of CES" awards and recognition from popular, tech-focused reviewers and thought leaders reinforces the company’s marketing-led products. Gathering favorable reviews and awards allows the company to repurpose content on products showcased at the trade show. 

Other content ideas for post-event communications:

  • Key takeaways, achievements, and conclusions from the trade show

  • Quotes from leaders to summarize their experiences at the trade show

  • Plans for future trade shows 


To conclude, corporate communication strategy for trade shows can differ during the 3 phases, but they can work together providing comprehensive coverage for your brand. 

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