May 31, 2023 / by Colin Cheuk


The focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) communications has been increasing with demand for content coming from stakeholders and shareholders. As one of the pillars of ESG, environmental-themed press releases allow a company to communicate its initiatives, goals, accomplishments, etc. to its audience.  

Trending for April on PR Newswire was the Earth Day-themed press release topic. This year’s theme for Earth Day is “Invest In Our Planet”, which is a great topic and talking point for ESG communications.  


Let’s look at some of the press release examples related to this trending topic,

LONGi unveils "Zero Carbon Energy for Earth" initiative on 2023 Earth Day

LONGi, a leading supplier of solar photovoltaics (PV) solutions, unveiled the "Zero Carbon Energy for Earth" initiative, hosted a "Solar for All" themed event, and brought together representatives from the UN and other NGOs. In its press release, LONGi provides more details to provide context and uses it as an opportunity to communicate the company’s ESG strategy.  


Earth Day: Angel Yeast Sets Out Green Manufacturing Roadmap, advancing sustainable development

This press release from Angel Yeast, the world's leading yeast manufacturer, provides details about its commitment to full implementation of green manufacturing. Details in the body include its achievements in 2022 including carbon reduction measures and expanding PV power generation projects. Information on tangible numbers, goals, and awards is provided to readers as a way of measurement. Furthermore, goals to “continue lower energy consumption and improving energy efficiency” for 2023 are announced.  


LILYSILK Celebrates Earth Day 2023 through Continued Investment in Our Planet and Longstanding Sustainable Fashion Practices

LILYSILK, the world's leading silk brand, made a few announcements about its achievements and reiterated its commitment to upholding sustainable fashion practices. It is partnering with One Tree Planted to help with reforestation, a partnership with TerraCycle® will help offer a free and convenient way to recycle non-donatable LILYSILK products. It has also self-launched a zero-waste movement. The press release also includes tangible outcomes of its actions to provide readers with a way to quantify results.


In conclusion, telling stories about your ESG goals, achievements, and other initiatives during Earth Day is a great strategy to communicate the company’s commitment to the planet, because mentions on Earth Day receive more awareness and attention. These companies are also wise to have chosen to launch their press releases aligning the yearly Earth Day topic to gain an edge over their competitors who might release Earth Day-related press releases at another time.

Be sure to keep an eye on the announcement of the Earth Day 2024 theme and use it as an opportunity next year to strategically communicate your company’s ESG goals and achievements.

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