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Even though the most viewed press releases on www.prnasia.com for December were quite varied, there were some similarities and overlaps among them.

·       Using multimedia for better engagement

Increasingly, journalists are using multimedia to enhance their stories, according to the 2022 Global State of the Media Report, which notes, “Not only do photographs, videos, audio clips, infographics and illustrations help contextualize a story, they add a visual or aural dimension that has been proven to increase consumer engagement.”

·       Illustrate messages by incorporating quotes

A good quote in a release is also very important to journalists. Adding a quote or two from a company executive, spokesperson, or thought leader gives the releases more credibility. This will help to humanize your message and assist reporters in understanding your message.

1. Leading Strength in Safety: GWM TANK to Enter More Markets Globally

In this press release, a photo provides many key information visually, further enhancing its message. The ANCAP Safety badge and 5-star rating are visible at the top, which also reflects the lead message.
A quote follows next from the head of GWM’s overseas division, which emphasizes the achievements and results. This relatable quote shows the value of efforts to the end consumer.

2. Guizhou Satellite TV released a video: Musical journey of international student Beloved Mebhena from Zimbabwe in Dong Village, Congjiang, Guizhou

As the release is about a new video, embedding the YouTube video makes sense and enhances the message. With just text alone, the press release would not be able to achieve the same level of impact as the songs and visuals in the video.

3. RoboSense at CES 2023 | Meet the LiDAR provider with the most awarded vehicles

In this CES-themed press release, one image illustrates the products and where the booth can be found. The reader can quickly grasp the main message of the lead paragraph by looking at this image.

4. Epulze Set to lead 2023 Southeast Asia Dota 2 Pro Circuit With EBN

The multimedia used in the press release conveys and extends the main message of it. Logos of both cooperating companies are visible in the background surrounded by a Southeast Asian backdrop.
Furthermore, this press release includes 2 quotes from both cooperating companies. These quotes are easily relatable to the end user as they describe the value of the partnership to both the esports players and their audiences.

5. Tonik acquires TendoPay, enters employee benefits market

Here is another press release using multimedia that includes the logos of both companies. It also illustrates the bond between the two companies in this M&A deal.
New findings, advancements or innovationsThere is one quote from each company included in this press release. In both quotes, the emphasis is placed on how the partnership will benefit Filipinos, the end users, by enhancing financial products and services.

In press releases, multimedia and quotes can be a powerful tool for building compelling content. Aside from making the content stand out at first glance, including these elements makes it easier for the audience to remember and more likely to resonate with the content over time. Download the 2022 Global State of the Media Report to view the deeper insights PR Professionals need to win over Journalists.

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